About Me

Who am I??

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I am a wife, mother, teacher and student and living in the twenty first century, wearing all of those different hats can be a challenge.  Technology is my friend and my enemy all in one.  At times I feel technology allows me to be more creative in my day to day environment.  At other times, I feel like technology is stealing my mind, and distracting me from what is really important

Why studying technology is important to me

children and technology
source: http://blog-gst.touro.edu/techspec/the-effects-of-technology-on-children

I have 17 and 10 year old sons, as well as,  an 8 year old daughter.  They are a huge part of the reason  I want to further develop my knowledge of social media.  I want to be able to help guide them appropriately through the digital age, so that they are aware of the strengths of living in a digital world, but also understand the weaknesses and dangers.