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When the Vault became Vaulty

Remember when Seinfeld introduced the world to ‘THE VAULT”.  Ah… the good old days when the vault could easily be cracked.   Now, as a mom of a 17 year old, I am wishing for days gone by.  Why?  Because now we don’t just have ‘the vault’ to keep our secrets, we have crazy social media apps like Vaulty, just looking to help teenagers (and some adults) in their covert lives.

The Secrets

high_school_memeAna Homayoun, wrote the article The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers, which introduced me to the underground world of hidden social media.  Apps that can be opened to different pages depending on the password used, ‘rinsta’ gram and ‘finsta’ gram accounts on instagram to help hide your identity, and even my unassuming friend Facebook, using hidden group chats, and false accounts.  As a mom, where do I begin?  Is there any hope of keeping my kids Digital Identity modest.

Faith in the kids

I guess I am just going to have faith in my kids, hoping that they have taken all of the values I’ve tried to instill in them and transferred them to, not only being good citizens of the world, but also good digital citizens OR perhaps more realistically, I hope that they have at least enough sense to create some online identities that their grandma and future employers could look at.  Like Nicole Lee suggests in her article, having multiple online identities is more normal than you think.

I Am A Realist

i-consider-myself-a-realist-but-in-philosophical-terms-im-12839269So, I am the mom of a teenager and I spend 5 days a week with teenagers.  I am a realist.  I know that the teenagers I teach, and my own, will all make stupid mistakes.  That’s what being a teenager is about, making mistakes and learning from them.  I just hope that, knowing the world is a digital place where our digital identity says a lot about who we are, my kids realize the importance of at least having a digital presence that they are proud of.






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