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The Future at our Findertips

There will be more creativity in education.
“Because that’s what careers will require. Education will be not just taking in information and sharing it back, but also figuring out what to do with that information in the real world.” —Josefino Rivera, Jr., educator in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Do schools really need to change? If so, in what ways?

deweysFor the past hundred years education has changed very little.  However, the ever changing technology that has now inundated our world, will undoubtedly, drastically change the future of education.

In staff rooms everywhere teachers  can be heard complaining about students copying the answers off the internet; but why are we continually teaching students information that they can look up in 30 seconds?   We need to be switching our mentality as teachers, and start teaching our students how to be critical thinkers, rather than just having the ability to regurgitate information.  Creativity will be the way of the future

What sort of world are we preparing students for?

false-washingtonWe need to be preparing our students for a world where they can adapt to change quickly, where they can be critical about the information they receive, and can disseminate right from wrong.  In the past the focus of education has always been on knowing information, now students can find the answers to many questions through the internet, so we need to shift our teaching, and teach our students how to not only find the correct answer, but also, how to start making changes to better the world.

What does citizenship look like in this future reality?

Source: https://hildakweisburg.com/2016/07/26/on-libraries-teaching-social-justice-in-the-library/

With the changes that will need to transpire in education to meet the changing world of technology; hopefully, a focus will be to teach students how to be, not only good digital citizens, but also good citizens of the world.  With the increase in technology the world is now much smaller than it use to be.  Hopefully students will begin to recognize the important role they can play in making the world a better place.


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