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Fetishes and Voyeurism

warholNathan Jurenson’s article, The IRL Fetish, discusses how social media has burrowed far into our consciousness.  What does that mean?  We are living in a world where we are choosing to exhibit specific parts of our lives to the world.  Mass exhibitionism and voyeurism.  How has this changed us?


peeking in windows
source: https://www.pinterest.ca/dra1000/pg2~-looking-through-night-windows-2/?lp=true

Throughout the 19th century artists and writers focused on voyeurism as a part of the human condition.  Knowing that, although we may deny it,  secretly we all love walking late at night and getting a glimpse into the lives of our neighbours through an open window.  Social media has created a world where the windows are always open, windows that we continuously have the ability to peek in.  The voyeuristic dream.


Directors and Voyeurs

With the inundation of social media, we are all the directors of our own lives choosing what to show the world, and what to edit out.  We also have the ability to be constant voyeurs of the masses.    So where has this led us?


In Sheryle Turkle’s article, The Flight From Connection, which Jurgenson references in his article, Turkle states “In our rush to connect, we flee from solitude…”

Jurgenson, argues “We have never appreciated a solitary stroll, a camping trip, a face-to-face chat with friends, or even our boredom better than we do now.”  Although I don’t dispute some of Jurgenson’s points, I am more inclined to side with Turkle.

that-moment-you-realize-you-forgot-your-phoneI often feel bound by my device.  Those moments of panic when technology isn’t working properly, or god forbid, you forget your phone.  I hate that this has become something that I am so dependent on, and I hate that I now have to make a conscious decision to not look at my phone.

Maybe this is just the accent of a digital immigrant, living in a new world.



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