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Setting the project in motion

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I Feel Old

I’m turning 40 this year, THE BIG 4-0, and although I don’t think  40 is particularly old, when it comes to technology, at times, I feel absolutely ancient.  I remember the very first time I tried the internet.  I remember the year we got a Commodor 64

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for Christmas, and the excitement of buying our families first microwave.  I remember my dad and uncle fighting over which technology was better, VHS or Beta, and my uncle saying “Beta was the way of the future.”

The Times they are Changing

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So here I am teaching in a classroom where every student has a laptop to use during class, and 99% have cellphones at their fingertips.  They are on Twitter, and tumblr, snapchat, facebook… in all honesty, I really don’t have a clue what forms of social media my students are using.  Technology is changing so quickly it feels impossible just to keep up.


EC&I 832

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The last class I took with Dr. Couros I was able to take so much away from the course, in regard to technology, that I could implement into my classroom.  The knowledge that I gained helped me grow as an educator.  Now that I am implementing so much more technology into my classroom I am hoping that this course helps me to gain a better understanding of digital citizenship.

My Project plan

Considering my earlier admittance, to at times feeling ‘digitally old’, I decided the project for this course would be a great chance for me to expand my digital media literacy.

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So for the big project I am going to focus on looking at some of the different forms of social media that my students are using.  I am going to focus on Snapchat and Facebook for the more social media aspects of the project, and I am going to focus on Seesaw and Flipgrid for the more accademic aspects of the project.

Teaching high school and having a 17 year old son, I see teenagers on Snapchat constantly, but I know very little about the actual app.  Although Facebook is something I am fairly comfortable with I am interested in looking at it from a more critical lens.


Both  academic apps, Flipgrid and Seesaw, flipgridI have had the opportunity to use a few times, but in reality I know very little about them, how they work, and how I can incorporate them into the classroom.  I’ve used Flipgrid for university classes and some inservices, and Seesaw as a parent.

The Puppies, because who doesn’t love a good puppy pic??

Just to increase the awesome factor of this blog I thought I would share some puppy pictures of the puppies that were born during class on Tuesday.



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